3-D images are created in pairs - the pairs are projected together, and these projections use the perception of each separate eye to create the illusion of dimension.

Our concept of hand processing the images allows us to experiment with that separation, and emphasize the physical phenomenon of human sight. This won't be visible here on the web page - the images are separated in the projector, by polarizing lenses, then rejoined by the viewer wearing polarizing glasses. (That's why you wear the glasses!)

Greta Snider and Johunna Grayson work in the hand-processed stereoscopic slide format. Dimensional Bodies is our new piece - a collection of intimate 3D portraits features luscious hand-processed, hand-colored, erotically charged projections that literally pop from the screen, accompanied by the words of the citizens, artists, journalists, moms, and swashbucklers portrayed. Dimensional Bodies was recently supported by a grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission.


Johunna and Greta have screened stereoscopic work in Tokyo, Vancouver, New Orleans, Milwaukee, and San Francisco.

Our previous works in 3-D include Viewmaster Documentaries, and Solstice Seed Swap.

Stereo Images

Dimensional Bodies

ViewMaster Documentaries

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