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Screenings: Millenium in NY, Chinsegutt Film Festival (Florida), Women In The Director's Chair (Chicago), WNET's "Independent Focus", Pacific Film Archive, L.A. Film Forum, SF Cinemateque, NY Museum of Modern Art, Singapore Film Festival

BLOOD STORY is a simultaneous progression of three divergent tales; a soundtrack of eavesdropped 'girltalk,' a subtitled story about a troublesome spot, and a series of images that fluidly peruse the two. The pictures maintain a space between one threatening, and one intimate, experience of the same symbolic matter.


It's a nonfiction movie, one that experiments with the balance between text, pictures, and sound. If there are two different stories, told two different ways, which one will the pictures support more?


I was prompted to make this experiment by watching documentaries in which I noticed that the narration frequently propped up totally unrelated imagery, usually archival. BLOOD STORY is not a direct critique of that tendency, in a literal sense of deconstruction; because I am also interested in the stories in my film! Particularly the idea of blood as scary vs. blood as nurturing fertility. But that formal experiment became part of the structure of BLOOD STORY as well.

Blood Story

(3 min, 16mm, 1990)
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