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Screenings: Athens Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, London Film Festival, WNET's "Independent Focus", Women In The Director's Chair (Chicago), Foundation Mecano (Amsterdam), Purchased by NY Museum of Modern Art

Futility's narrative is told in two voiceovers, with images from found and archival footage. The first section is a woman's pregnancy and subsequent difficulties scheduling an abortion; the second is a moribund love letter. The images ebb and flow with the stories, by turns illustrative, metaphoric, or aloof.



This is the first film I made, and a lesson in the magic of cinema! The possibilities in "collage" film of this sort are endless; the propensity of viewers to find the connection between image and sound is an amazing gift. In editing with found footage, an airplane becomes a harbinger of doom, a handshake becomes symbol of betrayal. The images take on strange symbolism, isolated from their more mundane beginnings. It was a liberating way to work, especially for a film that is somewhat brooding...I had been more familiar with found footage movies as "spoof" or "slapstick," but I found that the collaged archival footage could take on a desolate and dismal tone quite easily.


(10 min, 16mm, 1989)
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