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Screenings: Sundance Film Fest, NY Museum of Modern Art, London Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival, SF Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, El Dorado Film Festival in Antwerp, Albany (NY) Gay & Lesbian Film Fest, SF Cinemateque, Other Cinema

A funny and contentious film about the joy of difference! Three gay men discuss the challenges and mysteries of the female geography, as the filmmaker makes counterpoint with a series of images from archival and educational movies.



The film was made with three of my roommates, who spoke with alarming candor; in the end, the film is about acknowledging difference, and finding bonds anyway.



"Our Gay Brothers is bound to ruffle a few feathers. The voice-overs of a gaggle of gay guys discussing what they like and dislike about women's bodies is punctuated by images of early hard-core porn and vulva metaphors drawn from a variety of everyday objects. ... Snider's film is provocative and convincing. It's whiplash montage."

                  -Warren Sonbert, SF Sentinel

Our Gay Brothers

(9 min, 16mm, 1993)
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