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Screenings: Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Melbourne Film Festival (Best Experimental), Film Arts Festival, L.A. Film Forum, Cornell Cinema (Ithaca), Visual Studies Workshop (Rochester), SF Cinemateque, San Francisco Center For The Arts, Purchased by Cal Arts in Valencia, CA

NOZONE is a five part essay, eloquently surrounding the idea of millenial anxiety. An urban forager finds medicine under freeways; a freight hopper lists the contents of his backpack; and a recycler of atomic surplus displays some of his favorite failed technologies.


The film uses different perspectives and different forms of speech to create a confluence of ideas about doom; it's up to the viewer to decide how these anecdotes fit together. Among the featured subjects are Aaron Cometbus, of fanzine fame, and Ed Grothus, legendary Los Alamos denizen of cold war and chilled philosophies.


"Greta Snider's NOZONE is a 20 minute tour through America's urban outback - a film peopled with thrashers, herbalists, wanderers and backyard scientists that looks like a wildflower patch, and grows like one. Offroad philosophies, from the value of putting codeine in your travel pack to a few words on "the end of history" itself, are translated to a film with a gentle hand that gives NOZONE's material room to breathe."

              -Susan Gerhard, Bay Guardian


(18 min, 16mm, 1993)
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