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Screenings: New York Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Atlanta Film Festival, Big Muddy Film Festival, Louisville Film Festival, London Film Festival, Purchased by Cal Arts in Valencia, CA

Mute is an experimental narrative; a murder story, on the surface, but also a play on film structure as well. The voiceover narration is a man's story of his obsession with (and eventual murder of) a "mute" teenage girl. Meanwhile, the subtitles become the domain of the woman character. She contributes her viewpoint, her rebuttals, and even her separate concerns - comparing her stalker's approach to her own fascination with a foreign culture. It's lush and mysterious.



"Mute cleverly plays with the idea of feminine lack as silence through the structured absence of the female voice, relegated to text at the bottom of the screen. A man's voice speaks of his desire for a woman, detailing the attributes of her body which he finds most pleasing. The text at the bottom of the screen responds, but there is no connection; she is mute, he cannot hear her, and the two registers - voice and text - will not collide."

                  -Holly Willis, Independant Filmmaker



"As erotic as it is disturbing..."

                 -Kevin thomas, LA Times


(15 min, 16mm, 1991)
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