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Screenings: New York Underground Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Atlanta Film and Video Festival, San Francisco Cinematheque, Marin County Film Festival (Hon. Mention, Melbourne Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival​

The Magic of Radio explores high frequency wave propagation, and the folks who love it. Three pirates and a ham demonstrate the madness, the methods, and ultimately the magic of amateur radio broadcasting.

Despite the availability of cheaper, easier, or more legal means of disseminating information (web-casting or desktop publishing for example), some people are still drawn to the mysterious airborne waveforms. The Magic of Radio is illustrated with sound collages from my own archive - favorite cryptic voices that any listening enthusiast will recognize - as well as a Morse code narration, for the hard core!

Featured are: Erin Yanke, bicycle-pirate from Portland Oregon; formerly an intern at NPR's "This American Life."

Grinder Bitch and Feral from Free Radio Austin, shown broadcasting on the Trailer Muff Hour, before Free Radio Austin was shut down by the FCC to celebrate George Bush's election night soiree...

Robert K6QXY, one of the most prolific QSLers on the six-meter band, who can bounce signals off the moon!

The Magic of Radio

(23 min, 16mm, 2001)
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