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Screenings: Toronto International, Sundance, Black Maria (“Juror’s Citation” Award and Tour), New York Underground Film Festival, Olympia Film Fest, Virginia Film Fest, Portland Film Fest, British Short Film Fest, Northwest Documentary Film Fest (“Best Short” Award), Aspen Shortsfest, Taos Talking Pictures, and Ann Arbor Film Festival (“Funniest Film” Award and Tour)

This film is a documentary road movie about travel, the fallibility of photographs, and the merging of memory and imagination. Three friends, including the filmmaker, rendez-vous in Portland by hitchhiking or train-hopping from different cities. After a week of arguments, soup kitchens, brushes with the law, and bad weather, each leaves with a different memory of the trip, refracted through the tensions and expectations of their triangulated friendship.


Portland reconstitutes the trip in a humorous mixture of footage from the journey (taken with a run-down super-8 camera), interpreted re-enactments, and interviews with the involved parties. The result is a spirited look at independent women and fearless travelers.


(15 min, 16mm, 1996)
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