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Screenings: Sundance Film Festival, Humboldt State Film Festival, NY Museum of Modern Art, SF Frameline Festival, El Dorado in Antwerp, Pacific Film Archive, L.A. Film Forum, Collective for Living Cinema, Foundation Mecano (Amsterdam) SF MOMA, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Hard Core Home Movie is a frank and irreverent documentary that asks the question, "What is hardcore punkrock?" Seedy, grainy, and fast-paced, this is a nostalgic look at an ephemeral moment in the history of a subculture: punk rock in San Francisco in the late eighties. Everyone from fucked up teenagers to elderly Mexican tourists attempts to explain the mystique and allure of the scene. Filmed at SF's historic petting-zoo/theater/punkrock emporium, The Farm.


"Snider combines the eye of an historian with the hand of an artist - the result is oddly archival, and at the same time quite moving. Does the combination add up to nostalgia? During Hard Core Home Movie, I found myself feeling almost wistful, watching scene after scene of punks slamdancing, punks mugging for the camera, punks expressing anger and frustration in fragments of scenes. Yeah, it was nostalgia."

                    -Kate Bornstein


"The best film by far was Greta Snider's Hard Core Home Movie."

                    -Mitzi Waltz, Maximum Rock-N-Roll

Hard Core Home Movie

(5 min, 16mm, 1989)
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