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Screenings: New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center; San Francisco International Film Festival; The Pacific Film Archive, UC Berkeley; San Francisco Cinematheque; Kino-Eye at Chicago Filmmakers, Black Maria Film Festival (“Director’s Choice”)

FLIGHT is my father’s photographic legacy, compiled and transformed into light. I wanted to materialize what spirit ephemera I have remaining from him. His family photographs, his hobbyist pictures of trains and roses, his airplanes and his obsession with birds circling...this material is shot through his eyes. The images are imprinted onto the film, like a fingerprint or trace. It’s his movie, really...The film is hand-processed and hand-exposed without a camera (as with Ray-O-Grams) and runs at silent speed 18 frames per second.


"Not knowing what the result would be, and working in pitch darkness and total solitude, Snider has created her most surprisingly personal and poetic work to date. The result is a rhythmic and loving paean to the human desire to fly and to reach beyond the sky to heaven itself.”

                     -Scott Stark, from “The Top Ten                                 Experimental Films/Videos                                 Of 1997”



(5 min, 16mm, 1997)
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